About us

      “You are entirely up to you”

      This quote basically sums up my entire life. I have always been motivated by change. I love the idea of taking something and making it better – whether it be a house, a hairstyle, a business, a marriage, anything. I love that we can all just be better and improve our lives at any given time.

      The Refresh came to be when I was in a place where I needed to be better – I needed my work to be better, my finances to be better, and ultimately I needed to improve my life and work smarter, not harder. We took the processes that I went through and turned them into a workshop. From that point on, my business thrived and my life felt purposeful, everything seemed to fall into place.

      My goal is to help others achieve this same feeling, to refresh their businesses and feel connected to their work again, to essentially, be really stoked to wake up monday morning and work.

      -xo Jen

      22 years ago I tagged along with a friend as he developed some black and white prints, it was the start of an obsession that hasn’t slowed down since.
      Photography has taken me to so many incredible places and introduced me to so many wonderful people including my wonderful wife Jen. I’ve spent the last 22 years absorbing everything I can about photography, I’ve had so many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way and it has always been a goal of mine to give this all back.
      Over the last 5 years as I’ve taken a bigger role in education, I have loved watching and encouraging others and witnessing their excitement for something I feel so passionately about.


      (Photo by Ed Peers)