What is the Online Refresh?
      What is this?
      What do we provide?
      The Origins

      The Online Refresh workshop has been our baby for the past few years. We have spent countless hours putting this content together in one beautiful little online package just for you! If you have never made it out to a Refresh Workshop, or feel that you couldn’t afford it, this is for you!

      The Why

      Sometimes we both feel really uninspired, not creative, boring, the list goes on and on. The truth is, as creatives, we all feel this way. What we have learned is that we need workshops like this one to revive our passion for creating art. We need tools to move forward and break free from these roadblocks.


      One you have purchased the online refresh, you will gain access to our private Facebook community where we offer help and support as well as frequent live Q&A and guest interviews with other successful photographers. The education keeps on going beyond the videos, we like to nicknamed the Online refresh : The never-ending workshop!


      Over 8 hours worth of video content covering almost every aspect of wedding photography including:

      -How to critically assess, establish/refine your brand
      -How to curate your portfolio and website to reinforce your brand
      -Discuss tools to be able to critically assess your work moving forward
      -Full cull of an entire wedding plus editing of multiple photos with discussion and tips throughout
      -Discuss strategies for becoming a better storyteller
      -How to set and establish goals for work and business
      -Turning creative ruts into fresh starting points
      -Finding new inspiration
      -The importance of personal projects
      -Branding and marketing strategies
      -Maximizing the potential of your word of mouth referrals
      -Refreshing your online appearance
      -Getting yourself noticed and fresh, new approaches to booking clients
      -Client interaction from first meeting to day of wedding to delivery of product
      -A simplified way of looking at posing
      -The power of networking
      -And more

      Membership perks

      One you have purchased the online refresh, you will receive 50% off future education, including portfolio reviews, 1 on 1 mentor sessions and assess and refine mentorships.

      Who is this for?

      Wedding photographers who feel burnt out and drained

      Wedding photographers who want to become better storytellers

      Wedding photographers looking to increase their income potential

      Wedding photographers who feel “stuck” and like they just aren’t making progress

      Photographers who would like to transition into wedding photography

      This workshop is for any wedding photographer, looking for new fresh approaches to every aspect of their business and a new appreciation and love for what they do. It is designed for photographers who WANT to succeed but just don’t know how!

      Additional Questions

      What makes this different from the Refresh workshop?

      It’s not really that different, apart from the fact that you obviously don’t have a live shoot with a couple, and you don’t get to sit in a room and eat delicious food with Hugh and I!

      Do you offer refunds if I don’t get anything out of this?

      If you feel that you have learned absolutely nothing from the content provided, I will happily refund you 50%, after we jump on skype to discuss your work and why you feel the content does not apply to you.

      How long will the content be available for?

      The content is downloadable so you can literally keep me on your desktop forever, and revisit the content whenever you need!

      Why does it say I am being charged less than what is written when I am on the payment page?

      We have launched our site using a company called gumroad, which is an american company – in doing so, they charge you the equivalent in USD (but the total will always be equal to 349$ CAD – no worries there!)

      What is the cost?

      $349 (Canadian)

      349$ (CAD)