Assess + Refine Mentorships

      The Assess and Refine mentorship is our newest exclusive opportunity. We have created a full day, two on one (Myself, Hugh and you) workshop and mentor session tied into one. The main focus of the Assess and Refine mentor session is content curation. Curation does not seem to get enough focus in the photography education world and this seems to be a trouble area for many. We are so excited about this opportunity to share with you and push you to grow.

      Together we will

      Spend the day together – two on one – aka myself and Hugh! (10am-4pm) – Lunch, coffee and snacks are included!

      Critically Assess, establish/refine your brand

      Curate your portfolio and website to reinforce your brand

      Discuss tools to be able to critically assess your work moving forward

      Assess and refine your colour and black and white editing (you will also receive our Slate and Ivory presets)

      Discuss strategies for becoming a better storyteller

      Set and establish goals for work and business

      Cull an entire wedding (of yours) together, focusing on telling the story of the day while reinforcing your brand (I promise this isn’t as scary as it sounds!)

      Q+A – You will be asked to write out a list of as many questions as you can think of to discuss (nothing is off limits)

      Walk through the majority of the curriculum taught at our Refresh Workshops (Refresh Alumni will receive 20% off the total price)

      Walk through a typical one on one mentor session

      Ongoing help and support following the mentor session (In other words, think of us as good pals after this and please feel free to come to me with any follow up questions or discussions you might have)

      A half day follow up mentor session to assess progress and create new goals and steps for future growth and success (12-3)

      Real Talk

      We are going to spend a full day hanging out in my office, drinking copious amounts of coffee, eating really yummy food and turning you into a better, more confident and skilled photographer, editor and business person. I am going to be incredibly honest and open with you and tell you things you need to hear. Hey guess what? Things don’t stop there – You are going to come back to my place, drink more coffee, eat more snacks and we are going to assess your progress and make you an even better, more confident and skilled photographer, editor and business person than before. This extra session is super important and what I feel, makes this mentorship so invaluable.

      Who is this for?

      Wedding photographers who feel lost when it comes to curating their own work

      Wedding photographers who want to become better storytellers

      Wedding photographers looking to increase their income potential

      Wedding photographers who feel “stuck”

      What will this cost?

      The investment for the full 1.5 days is

      $1450 CAD

      (Assess and refine mentorships are extremely limited and we will only be offering 6 of them for the remainder of this year)

      How do I pay?

      A deposit of 300$ CAD reserves 1 of the 6 mentorships available, the remaining balance is due on or before the agreed upon date of mentoring.


      What makes this different from the Refresh workshop?

      Our refresh workshops consists of a massive amount of education geared toward different types of wedding photographers, this mentorship is ALL ABOUT YOU. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your brand, your work. There are very few opportunities to sit down side by side with an educator and cull through an entire wedding which you have photographed.

      When do we start?

      As soon as you can! We are available monday-friday all the way through until Jan 1!

      Do you have payment plans available?

      Just like I tell all of my wedding clients, If you would rather pay small amounts leading up to your mentor session, that’s totally fine! All you need to worry about right now is the 300$ retainer.

      Can I come back a third time? After the first two sessions?

      Absolutely! Follow up mentor sessions are 500$

      If we are a team of two photographers, can we both come?

      100% yes!

      Purchase your 300$ retainer